"El Refugio" - Construction

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05 Sep 2006

View of Bóveda from Roof

A view from the top of the steps in the drying patio showing construction of bóveda over the central part of the upper floor.

05 Sep 2006

Master Bedroom Bóveda from Roof

Another view from the top of the steps, showing the bóveda being built over the bathroom and dressing room of the master bedroom.

06 Sep 2006

Start of Dining Table

The dining table under construction, showing the reinforcements for the surface.

09 Sep 2006

View from Roof to Drying Patio

Looking toward the drying patio, showing the flat bóveda ceiling nearly complete and stucco on the wall over the master bedroom.

15 Sep 2006

From Roof to Drying Patio Again

Another view, now with the roof plastered and showing some sophisticated equipment used to haul up buckets of cement. Also shown is one of four pipes to vent gases from sewage; each of these will later be buried and appear only as an aperture in the wall.

15 Sep 2006

Fitted Beams over Rear of House

The steel beams over the rear of the house have now been fitted and are ready to hold the bóveda.

15 Sep 2006

House and Bricks from by Gate

A view from near the gate. The bricks on the right are special ones for bóveda ceilings; the others are normal masonry bricks.

15 Sep 2006

Entrance with Complete Balcony

A view of the front entrance showing the finished master bedroom balcony. Underneath, base plates for for patio lighting switches have been fitted.

15 Sep 2006

Covered Patio with Resurfaced Steps

The steps from the family room and living room have now been resurfaced, and the covered patio is ready to receive the tiles.

15 Sep 2006

General View of South Side

The south side of the house; as can be seen, the beams extend over the terrace and will have bóveda to provide some extra shelter.

15 Sep 2006

Master Bedroom Skylights

The flat roof over the master bathroom and dressing room, showing construction of holes for the skylights.

15 Sep 2006

Roof over Staircase

The roof over the staircase under construction.

15 Sep 2006

Final Wall Section to be Built

The walls of the roof over bedroom 2 are now covered with stucco. The gap on the right is the only section of wall that has yet to be built.

19 Sep 2006

Start of Bóveda in the Study

Most bóveda in the house is of a thick wedge type called De Cuña. This is a thinner type called Catalana that will be used for all the sloping ceilings.

19 Sep 2006

Bóveda over Study from Roof

A view from the roof of the start of the Catalana bóveda.

21 Sep 2006

Sample of Textured Paint

A sample of textured paint in the living room. This style, with horizontal and vertical etchings, will be used for the entire interior of the house.

23 Sep 2006

Construction of Bóveda from across the Canal

A view from across the canal showing work being done on the bóveda ceiling.

27 Sep 2006

Textured Painting in Living Room

Application of some of the textured paint in the living room. Before texturing, all walls are sealed against damp by thoroughly rubbing in a thick coat of impermeabilizante - a mixture of "Festex Silicón" repelente and cement.

27 Sep 2006

Bóveda at Rear Nearly Done

A view from the roof of the almost-completed bóveda at the rear of the house.

27 Sep 2006

Floor Tiles and Grout

The first delivery of floor tiles and adhesive; grout, wall tiles and more floor tiles will be needed. Artemis Creta Nuez 45cm x 45cm tiles are to be used for the lower floor, the similar Creta Beige for the upper floor, and smaller more rustic tiles for uncovered areas.

07 Oct 2006

Water Tank is Installed

The 1100 liter water tank is installed on the roof; this will weigh 1.15 tonnes when full.

07 Oct 2006

Bóveda over Master Bedroom

The bóveda over the master bedroom still needs a day or two’s work.

07 Oct 2006

Textured Painting Done in Living Room

The textured painting in the living room is now complete.

07 Oct 2006

Walls Sealed in Family Room

The family room showing the impermeabilizante applied using a circular motion. Textured painting will be done on top of this.

11 Oct 2006

Reinforced Concrete on Sloping Roof at Rear

Now steel mesh is laid over the sloping rear of the house, and it is covered with concrete. Later impermeabilizante will be applied and then clay roof tiles fitted.

16 Oct 2006

Filled Gaps between Bóveda Beams

The gaps between 8x5¼ or 8x4 and 6x4 I-beams are filled with cement.

16 Oct 2006

Start of Hammering Steps and Columns

The columns are hammered to produce a marbled finish - a very time-consuming job.

16 Oct 2006

Considerable Residue on Patio

Over six months of mixing concrete on the patio have left a considerable quantity of material behind that is now being removed with a pick axe.

21 Oct 2006

Final Section of Wall Now Done

At last the final section of wall has now been built and mainly covered. Stucco has yet to be applied to the outside of the three walls at the south end of the roof; these will be difficult to reach as they are high off the ground.

21 Oct 2006

Most of Cement Residue Now Removed

They seem to have given up with the pick axe and used an excavator to remove the worst of the cement residue and debris from the patio.

21 Oct 2006

Subfloor in Master Bathroom

The firme (final layer of cement on the floor) has been applied to bedrooms 2 and 3 and the dressing room, and is here being applied in the master bathroom.