"El Refugio" - Construction

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14 Jul 2006

Start of Walls on Upper Floor

A view from the other side of the canal showing work having started on the walls of the upper floor. There is little ceiling in place yet, but that didn’t stop them – they just tightrope-walk over the beams.

15 Jul 2006

Building Steps from Family Room

The steps from the family room under construction, and some exterior bóveda. The large door opening is supported not only by two substantial dalas in the wall above, but also by the 8x5¼ I-beam over the column.

15 Jul 2006

Building Master Bedroom Balcony

The reinforced concrete master bedroom balcony under construction. This is the only slab floor; the wood supports the concrete while it sets. The balcony is also supported by a protruding steel beam.

15 Jul 2006

Staircase with Power Input Underneath

The staircase with fittings for the electrical power input underneath.

15 Jul 2006

Start of Bóveda in Entrance Hall

Some bóveda work in the entrance hall with a wall for the master bedroom above.

15 Jul 2006

View from Entrance Hall to Kitchen

Another view of the bóveda ceilings in the entrance hall and kitchen/dining area with the master bedroom walls above.

15 Jul 2006

View fom Top of Stairs

The first view of the upper floor, showing the other side of the bóveda.

15 Jul 2006

Over Master Bedroom with Balcony

Part of the master bedroom with the completed balcony.

15 Jul 2006

View from Upper Floor

A view from the upper floor looking toward Zamora.

15 Jul 2006

View of Rainwater Well and Septic Tank

The rainwater well and septic tank viewed from the upper floor.

15 Jul 2006

Living Room Door to Covered Patio

A view from the living room showing the bóveda ceilings over the covered patio and also the small overhanging section.

15 Jul 2006

View from Kitchen to Entrance

A view of the bóveda work and upstairs walls from the kitchen area.

19 Jul 2006

Overhanging Beams for Master Bathroom

A view from the master bedroom over the half bathroom and cloakroom showing the overhanging beams that will support the bathroom and dressing room of the master bedroom.

20 Jul 2006

More Bóveda Work in Master Bedroom

A similar view showing more of the bóveda work now in place.

22 Jul 2006

Start of Building Entrance Hall Screen

Construction of the partition separating the entrance hall from the kitchen and dining area. Also shown is the nearly complete bóveda work in this area, and the staircase which has a room underneath.

22 Jul 2006

Conduits and Walls from Top of Stairs

A view from the top of the stairs showing more of the walls in place and conduits for the wiring.

22 Jul 2006

Walls in Master Bedroom

A view of the master bedroom showing the walls to the bathroom/dressing area and on the balcony.

22 Jul 2006

Start of Bóveda over Living Room

A view over the living room showing the start of bóveda work in the area that will be divided into the bathroom and the study.

22 Jul 2006

Walls from Drying Patio to Covered Balcony

Looking from the drying patio across the laundry room to the upstairs sitting area and covered balcony.

27 Jul 2006

Floor Poured in Bedroom 2

A view from the stairs showing the concrete floor having been completed in bedroom 2 (firme will be added later).

27 Jul 2006

Wall to Room under Stairs

The staircase now mostly covered with stucco, showing the room under the stairs to the right and the screen to the left.

27 Jul 2006

Start of Pouring Floor in Bedroom 3

The start of the work on the floor of bedroom 3, showing the steel mesh and rebar used to reinforce the concrete. Most conduits and base plates are now in position.

27 Jul 2006

Pipes and Electrical Fittings in Bedroom 3

The plumbing in bedroom 3, which will lead to the bathroom next door. Also shown is an electrical service point to ease future maintenance of the wiring.

27 Jul 2006

Entrance Hall Screen Under Construction

The partly-stuccoed screen in the entrance hall, showing the wiring for the lights and power outlet.

01 Aug 2006

Upper Floor Walls Mainly at 2.1 meters

An overview showing most of the walls having been built to a height of 2.1 meters.

01 Aug 2006

Work on Upper Floor Walls

Another view showing work continuing on the walls; the covered patio shows that a little work still remains on the bóveda ceilings.

01 Aug 2006

Walls at North Side of House

A further view showing walls at the 2.1 meter height, ready for dalas.

02 Aug 2006

View of Walls from across the Canal

A view from across the canal, showing a dala being laid at 2.1 meters.

05 Aug 2006

Front Entrance Under Construction

The front entrance, showing light fittings at the front and side.

05 Aug 2006

Building Arches in Bedroom 2

Bedroom 2, showing the arched windows under construction.

05 Aug 2006

Plumbing Installations in Master Bathroom

Part of the plumbing in the master bathroom. The bóveda ceiling means that a step up will be needed to this room, and also to the shared bathroom and laundry room.

05 Aug 2006

Upstairs Landing Walls

A general view of the upstairs, showing that most of the walls have now been built to a height of 2.1 meters.

05 Aug 2006

Terrace by Study Covered with Concrete

A view from the study over the balcony, which like most of the upper floor has now been covered with concrete.

10 Aug 2006

More Upstairs Landing Walls

Looking towards the study, showing a wall that will support the sloping roof.

10 Aug 2006

Improvised Scaffolding

A rather precarious workstation to enable work to be done on the dalas over the covered balcony (on the upper floor).

16 Aug 2006

Master Bathroom Installations

A view from the master bathroom showing the conduits for the sink light switch and power outlet, and some plumbing. The dressing room to the left has already been covered with stucco.

23 Aug 2006

Stucco Now Mainly Complete

An overview showing the house with stucco applied to most of the external and internal walls.

23 Aug 2006

Entrance with Uncovered Wall

The front of the house, showing one of the few uncovered walls remaining.

23 Aug 2006

Start of Fitting Beams Upstairs

The upstairs passageway area showing that work has started on the steel beams.

23 Aug 2006

Wall by Stairs Needing Stucco

Over the stairs, showing the only other area yet to be covered with stucco.

23 Aug 2006

Beams and Stucco in Upstairs Landing

Looking toward the covered balcony, again showing beams and stucco on the walls.

02 Sep 2006

Bóveda Ceiling over Staircase

The completed bóveda ceiling over the staircase.

02 Sep 2006

4.5 meter-high Wall in Master Bedroom

The walls in the master bedroom built up to their maximum height of 4.5 meters.

02 Sep 2006

Construction of Bóveda in Upstairs Landing

The bóveda ceiling under construction in the central upstairs area.

02 Sep 2006

Construction of Metal Staircase to Roof

The steps from the drying patio to the roof under construction.

02 Sep 2006

Bóveda Being Built over Master Bathroom

Bóveda ceiling under construction in the master bathroom.

02 Sep 2006

Living Room Steps

The resurfaced steps in the living room.

02 Sep 2006

Master Bedroom Wall from Landing

The 4.5 meter high wall of the master bedroom seen from the central upstairs area.

02 Sep 2006

Bóveda Fitting Nearly Done in Bedroom 2

The nearly-complete bóveda ceiling in bedroom 2. Except that all bóveda will need a lot of finishing, including filling in with mortar and cleaning with muriatic acid. The beams must be sanded down, treated with silicone, then repainted with enamel.