"El Refugio" - Tour of the House

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Offers magnificent panoramic views, with 1.2m-high walls providing safety. White 1100L water tank on pedestal. Pressure system with separate pneumatic tank. 250L stainless steel solar water heater for pressure system gives pressure on hot as well as cold water. Antennas may be installed here and connected through the wall conduits to any desired communications points in the house. There is intentionally no lighting, but again this could easily be installed with wiring through the wall conduits.


The azotea from near the top of the stairs, looking at the 1100L water tank together with the housing for the pressure system; access points for the wiring are to the left.

View to Southeast

A view from the azotea looking south eastward over the master bedroom.

Panorama over Zamora

A view looking northwest over Zamora.

View to West

Looking westward, this is an excellent place to be early in the morning (when the view is illuminated by the sun from behind), and at dusk (when the sun is setting over the mountains), though it can get a little hot here in the afternoon.

View to La Beata

Looking eastward over Chaparaco to La Beata.

View over Garden

A view over the garden in the direction of Zamora.

View to South over Garden

Looking southwest over the garden and canal.

View after Sunset

The view from the sitting area on the roof after sunset - a good time and place to relax with a drink or two.