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I present here comprehensive details and analysis of fraudulent evasion of pension encashment by Scottish Widows (SW), and its overt and criminal cover up by The Pensions Ombudsman (TPO).
If you do not believe that these two organisations could sink so low, check out my evidence, which includes the full and unedited correspondence with SW, TPO, & more.

From my experiences of the abusive pensions industry and the lawless environment in which it operates, the message is clear: invest in a form of retirement funds that puts you in control.

To encash a SW pension, one must first undergo a lengthy telephone interview, then supply several certified verification documents that SW falsely asserts are required under UK legislation. The tribulations surrounding these illegitimate requirements are exacerbated by dreadful and changing documentation, and specific conditions that make them difficult or impossible to fulfil. I was refused encashment even though they had definitive proof of my identity. These draconian demands are clearly part of a fraudulent strategy to evade pension encashment (probably dating from the Pension Freedom of April 2015).
Government documents make clear that no verification is required where there is an ongoing business relationship (as exists between SW as pension provider and myself as pension holder). SW's onerous demands are thus imposed under a false pretence. That SW's conduct is fraudulent is ascertained by my detailed evidence and analysis, and borne out by the evasive tactics of SW, TPO, and TPAS in response to the matter.

And, after more than a year of inaction and prevarication after assigning my case to an adjudicator, TPO is refusing to investigate it. Instead I am forced to accept a pragmatic solution involving provision of yet more verification documents, or withdraw my case. It has become clear that the delay was deliberate and would have continued indefinitely without my interventions. TPO's illegal forced resolution is a barefaced charade, to allow SW to escape justice and maintain its false pretence. And there is complicity in this from the Pensions Ombudsman (Mr Arter) down.
After non-response to my last four emails, over a year later there was an absurd follow up; my reply repeated that I would not be party to criminal misconduct.
TPO's imposition of a solution via an adjudicator shows contempt for the Pension Schemes Act 1993 (as amended in 2017), sections 145(4C) and 146. This gives the complainant a statutory right to investigation, followed by a determination made by either the Pensions Ombudsman or his Deputy; doing deals is not a function of TPO. But much more serious than TPO's gross violations of pension law is its conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, amid clear connotations of collusion with SW. And even if this were not so, to force a pragmatic solution on the complainant in lieu of investigation is a clear case of the criminal offence of Misconduct in Public Office.

The above is only part of the cavalier customer treatment by Scottish Widows, as you will see on the next page; please do not give them your money! And, far from being impartial as it claims, TPO is there to serve the pensions industry, not the pension holder; moreover, in my case at least, it has resorted to criminal means to do this. And the circumstances suggest that SW paid TPO a substantial sum to bury my case.
Both these organisations ceased to respond when they could no longer address my questions and concerns without incriminating themselves, thus affirming their guilt.

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