"El Refugio" - Survey Map

This map was developed several years ago, shortly after construction of the house. Although an accurate representation of the main features, inevitably some details (especially the plants) are no longer accurate. As I do not have the time to update this map, I present it as a guide only.

This map was developed from a professional laser survey of the land. Accuracy of the major concrete structures is expected to be within 10cm.

It was developed using AutoCAD, but you may view it here in 3 different ways:

Click thumbnail and hold down the mouse button (.PNG)

  • Quick and Easy
  • Small file (about 106KB)
  • Low resolution (only useful as an overview)
  • No means of printing the map
  • Raster format (no image information available)

Download AutoCAD Drawing (.DWG)

  • Requires AutoCAD, or a DWG Viewer
  • Moderate-sized file (about 500KB)
  • The highest resolution - all map details can be viewed
  • Flexible printing options, depending on the viewer
  • Full image information enables the image to be viewed in various ways, depending on the viewer; this should include the ability to select individual layers
This is the best way to view the map. If you do not have AutoCAD, you may download a recommended DWG Viewer here (select Brava! Free DWG Viewer).
  • When displaying the map for the first time, change the background to white for best results (View -> Background Color).

Open PDF Document (.PDF)

  • Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (already installed on most systems)
  • Large file (about 3700KB)
  • Slow image rendering by Acrobat Reader
  • Medium resolution (does not resolve the finest details)
  • Image may be printed using the options in Acrobat Reader
  • Raster format (no image information available)
  • Opening the document in the browser can be very slow - it is better to save the file
  • For best on-screen detail, view at 100%
  • You may find that Acrobat Reader leaves its process (AcroRd32.exe) running consuming 100% CPU even after the reader is closed down. Therefore after closing down Acrobat Reader, press Ctrl/Alt/Del for the Task Adminstrator and close this process down manually if necessary.