"El Refugio" - House Plans

This page shows the main house plans, without the numerous structural diagrams and explanatory notes.

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Complete Plan Set

This is the set of plans that must be signed off by an engineer in order to get permission to build the house.

Floor Plans

Lower Floor Plan

Enclosed areas are a spacious entrance hall with dining and kitchen area behind a masonry screen, ½ bathroom, cloakroom, large split-level living room, family room and space under the stairs (total 146m2). External areas include a porch and covered patio (total 24m2).

The front exterior walls are double thickness, whilst the remaining outside walls are mainly 1½ bricks thick. This helps to keep the house cool.

The minimum base height of the boveda ceilings (from the floor to the I-beam) is 2.70m.

Upper Floor Plan

Enclosed areas are bedrooms 1-3, study, two full bathrooms, dressing room, stairs, sitting area and laundry room (total 130m2).

There is also a rear terrace, covered balcony, drying patio and master bedroom balcony (total 40m2).

Again, the main exterior walls are of double or 1½ brick thickness, and all ceilings are boveda (a different type is used for sloping ceilings in bedrooms 1 & 3, study, and shared bathroom).

Base heights of sloping ceilings are from 2.60m to 4.50m; base height of other ceilings is 2.80m.

Azotea Floor Plan

A metal staircase in the drying patio leads up to the main flat roof area.

The roofs shown in red are sloping and have ridged roof tiles. They overhang the terrace at the rear and balcony at the front. The main flat roof area of 52m2 gives superb panoramic views. There are two other flat areas either side of the master bedroom, which can be accessed from the main area.

The height of the wall around the main area is 1.10m, except for by the master bedroom where it is 1.60m.

Elevations & Sections

East Side

North Side

West Side

South Side

North-South Cross-Section

West-East Cross-Section

Structural Plans

Foundation Plan

Plumbing Plan of Upper Floor

Ceilings (Lower Floor)

Ceilings (Upper Floor)

Electrical/Plumbing Plans

These plans show water, gas, power and communications outlets, plus house lighting and its switching.

Lower Floor

Upper Floor