"El Refugio" - Garden

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From the South end of the property, looking North. All grass (about 1800m2) is pure Saint Augustin.

A view from the path by the canal, looking toward the house. The canal provides an unlimited and free source of irrigation; there are no charges, since the water is not being used for commercial purposes.

Looking down the garden to the South from by the canal.

Looking North from by the patio toward the South side of the house. The weeping fig trees to the right give excellent shade over the patio area (since they are located to the East of the patio, they shade out the strongest sun).

A view from by the canal looking North. To the right can be seen the edge of the patio.

Looking North from the end of the property by the enclosure used to burn trash. To the right is the main storage house (there is another storage building to the left, and another adjoins the half bathroom just off the patio).

Looking from by the casita at night down the path towards the main gate, with the driveway to the house and patio to the right.

Looking North from by the path that runs down the South part of the garden. To the right is the end of the patio and the outside half bathroom.

Another view looking straight down the patio to the boundary wall.

From the area of the garden to the South of the house, with the patio to the right.

Looking over the patio toward the front entrance of the house. The two sheltered sets of tables and benches can be seen, with the patio kitchen to the right.

Looking North East from by the canal, to the house and patio.